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"I Am" Collection -Complete Set of Art Prints

"I Am" Collection -Complete Set of Art Prints


Jesus was a great story-teller and used figurative language to help people better understand his teachings. The “I Am” Collection is comprised of six metaphorical statements of Jesus. Turn room time into learning time. Hang them up and remind you and your children of the character of Jesus. They are perfect for framing in an 8.5 by 11 inch frame or a matted 11 by 14 inch frame. They're 8.5 by 11 inches printed on beautifully textured 80 lb. acid free art paper.


  • John 15:5 - I am the vine. Jesus describes himself as a vine and people who know him as branches. A branch’s life and fruit come from its connection to the vine. Apart from the vine the branch cannot sustain itself and will not bear fruit.

  • John 6:35 - I am the bread of life. Jesus describes himself as bread. Most people eat bread in their daily lives and understand that bread gives life. He describes in a way we can understand, how he provides nourishment for our spirits.

  • John 8:12 - I am the light of the world. Jesus describes himself as light and light, no matter how small, cannot be put out by darkness. What a hopeful picture of the light of life Jesus offers us!

  • John 14:6 - I am the way and the truth and the life. Jesus describes himself as the way to truth and life. If we take the wrong road we will end up in the wrong place. Jesus points us to the right path by pointing us to himself.

  • John 10:9 - I am the door. Jesus describes himself as the door. A door is an entry way. Jesus is explaining that he is the only way by which we can find salvation. There is no other.

  • John 10:11 - I am the good shepherd. Jesus describes himself as a shepherd. A good shepherd sacrifices himself for the life of his sheep. Sheep aren’t very smart animals and the shepherd must lead, protect and feed them. They cannot do it for themselves.

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