Cindy Cage

The History Behind Literary Heroines

The Kinship Collection Story

Their courage makes mine stronger....and yours too.


After my granddaughter Annie was born my daughter, Kendra, asked if I would illustrate her favorite literary heroines to hang in Annie's room. Kendra wanted to inspire her to become a woman of courage and lovingly change the world. I was thrilled with the idea even though I knew digital print work would be a challenge for me. Inspired by these stories, I took up courage and set to the task. I worked to bring them alive. I wanted Annie to grow up loving literature and read the stories that my generation knows and loves. Their stories live on and continue to teach us. Now these characters hang in Annie's room and when she is getting into her pj's, she tells them good night, calling to each one by name. It is my honor that they hang in the rooms of many other girls, inspiring their little lives. I hope my story inspires others to become courageous and thoughtful makers.