My approach to life is synthesized. Art and faith are streams flowing into one river. Where they meet is the sweet spot.


Anyone can make art. It's just that some of us need a little nudging. I'm a nudger. With a little help, people can do what they once thought impossible. 

Cindy CagE

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. I love people and enjoy investing in them. My love of learning is equal to my love for teaching others what I've learned. 


My desire to mentor and speak to women came from my love for God's truths. Viewing suffering in light of truth brought me hope and it's a privilege to share it.

My artwork includes metalworking, stained glass, torch-fired enameled jewelry, encaustics, acrylic painting, mixed media art, and illustration. 


My faith and art are integrated. Both have influence on the other. I am grateful for the impact Biblical truths have made on my life because the truth sets me free. Freedom is central to the creative process. Truth brings life to art and art to life. 

There was a time in my life that I struggled with severe depression. Out of that time of suffering my art was born and my faith increased. The lessons I learned through the process of my healing, I now teach to others through seminars, classes, and mentoring one on one.